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If you are looking for a motorcycle with a nice design and solid construction for an affordable price, this bike definitely has to be on your list. The 2015 G 650 GS is a sharp looking motorcycle with a light frame designed for adventure. It is great for all skill levels and offers you a fun and easy ride. With ith 8,000$ price tag, it’s a decent low-priced intro to world of adventure bikes and BMW ownership.

2015 BMW G 650 GS

2015 BMW G 650 GS


This bike is made to travel on the streets as well as off road and it is expected to ride well on both. It has spoke wheels and heated grips are available but not standard. It also has smoked turn signal lenses, a luggage rack, and a toolkit that are all included as standard equipment. The most popular color is black with black and grey seats. It is also available it white with a black and grey seat.

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There is lots of storage room in the back and the bike is ready to tackle an off road challenge. There are dual exhaust pipes and tough tires on the 2015 G 650 GS which offer a speedy sports style exterior. It is a large bike with a seat height of about thirty inches and it has an option for lowered suspension. The relatively low weight and the amount of power make this one of the fastest bikes onin its category. It looks like a sports bike ready for racing, but it also looks like a bike ready to go off road.

G 650 GS - a stylish adventure bike

G 650 GS – a stylish adventure bike


The bike has a 4 stroke single cylinder engine with fifty horsepower and lots of (44,3 ft lbs) torque. It has fuel injection to allow it to start quickly even in cold climate conditions. This bike has an oversquare engine which means it the width of the cylinder is greater than its length. This bike is quite affordable and would be a great option for a daily motorcycle rider who wants to enter to the world of adventure bikes. It has a strong engine, good handling ability, and it is designed with adaptability in mind. The handling gets smoother the faster you go on these bikes. This bike is a combination of power and light weight technology. It weights out to be 430 pounds and its fuel consumption is low. The bike gets over seventy miles per gallon while using regular fuel.

Build quality is not always BMWish

Build quality is not always BMWish


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It has ABS to prevent locking wheels, a tall windshield, and a center stand. It is designed with safety in mind. The safety options, such as ABS, make the bike more stable under any road conditions. The bike ride is exciting and the BMW G 650 GS is very dependable.

This bike is good looking and is interesting for more experienced motorcycle riders as well as beginners. The handling ability at high speeds, reliability, and stability of the BMW G 650 GS make it a popular ride for anyone who appreciates a good motorcycle. This is one of the most popular bikes of the year due to its lightweight, speed, and BMW style visual appeal.

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